2016 Eugene Curnow Marathon – Finishes By Entrant

The Finishes by Entrant tally lists for the Eugene Curnow Marathon are now up-to-date. This is the first year we’ve published these milestone clubs for the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon, and we want to give a shout out to the many folks who have been returning to our race year after year.

We’ve had 1669 runners post 3499 finishes over 25 years – 637 have multiple finishes and 152 runners have accumulated 5 finishes or more, led by the intrepid Dick Hogan with a count of 24. We encourage you to amble through the Finishes By Entrant lists on our Results page. It can be quite a trip, some great names in there.

Congratulations to those that hit milestones in 2016. New members of the:

15 Year Club

  • Chris Hanson

10 Year Club

  • Ryan Flynn
  • Jay Johnson
  • Jonas Ryttie
  • Shelly Thompson

5 Year Club

  • Jan Cassidy
  • Scott Hoberg
  • Seth Korhonen
  • Jay Sykes

Whether you run 20 times, or make one solid finish your bucket list goal – we enjoy having each and every one of you! Good luck to everyone as they take their journey through the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon in years to come.