2021 Race Status (1/15)

Greetings! I know we’re all chomping at the bit to get back to racing so it’s time for a few general updates:

COVID-19 and associated restrictions will be the guiding force again this year and so we are not opening registration until we are able to give you more details about what the 2021 editions of Curnow and Voyageur will look like.

What’s up in the air, you might ask? Pretty much everything! Be ready for potential changes to: date, course, format and distance, aid stations and crew rules, field limits, etc. We have several different potential plans and are working with our permitting bodies to determine what’s likely to fly under which conditions.

Know that we as a committee are working to bring you some sort of event this year. And that’s about all we can say for sure right now! We will update you as plans come together – look for something posted monthly, even if that posting is just to say we don’t have anything solid yet.