2021 Race Status (5/14)

Our permits are in and race dates will be July 10 for Curnow and July 24 for Voyageur, our usual weekends.

As many of you are aware from other local races, the DNR is not even looking at permits this year until 60 days from the event, which we’ve just hit for Curnow. We are not going to open registration until our permits have been approved. While we don’t have a date for that, based on other races we’re guessing that will be around a month from the race. We’ll give you a heads up at least the day before opening and may open each race separately.

Here are some important changes you’ll want to know, applicable to both races:

  • Be prepared to be self sufficient this year – there will be no crew allowed for either race. Drop bags will be allowed at select aid stations. Aid stations themselves will be minimal – potentially with only water and Sqwincher. Depending on permits, there is the possibility of a few options of pre-portioned/wrapped food as well but don’t count on that for now.
  • The race cap for both races this year is 250 each.
  • Both races will start in the wave format similar to what other races have been doing and you will be able to select your wave time at registration.

Again, we will open registration only once we get the green light from all permitting agencies and will give a heads-up on Facebook and on the website at least the day before.

Powerlines Trail Remediation

Hello, trail community! As you may be aware, there have been some recent dramatic looking changes to the Powerlines. NMTC has been working with the City of Duluth regarding the MN Power remediation that is occurring. The City of Duluth and NMTC do have plans to re-evaluate a trail corridor together once the remediation process has been completed but in the meantime, all trail users are asked to refrain from using the former trails through the Powerlines. Please be patient as it could potentially take a few years for the Powerlines to be fully healed and ready to go.

We ask that all trail runners respect this temporary closure while the remediation takes place and that you pass the word along. Continuing to use these closed trails will reflect poorly on the trail running community as a whole and may jeopardize our ability to return to them.

What does this mean in the interim?

The race courses for the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon and the Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultra will be altered to accommodate this change.

2018 Eugene Curnow – Race Results

This year we had 416 finishers. Congratulations to our overall winners:

  • M: Dan Laplante – 03:33:45
  • W: Kaelyn Williams – 04:12:52

We also had the following individuals hit finish milestones. Congratulations to all! With an extra tip of the hat to Mark Ahlers, who has reached the rarefied air of the 20 Year Club!!

20 Year Club

  • Mark Ahlers

15 Year Club

  • Matt Long
  • Dave Sunnarborg

10 Year Club

  • Matt Aro
  • Wendy Borchardt
  • Dan Doty
  • Greg Geiger
  • Les Martisko
  • Jim Maslowski
  • Shari Olson
  • Fabio Rozo

5 Year Club

  • Amy Broadmoore
  • Kurt Decker
  • Janet Gray
  • Kristopher Hartwig
  • Lane Johnson
  • Jeff Leno
  • Elizabeth Olson
  • Ryan Schaefer

We’d like to thank Duluth Timing & Events for providing our timing services. Complete online results for the 2018 Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon can be found here:


2017 Eugene Curnow Marathon – Race Results

Results for the 2017 Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon are now available. This year we had 440 finishers. Wow!

Overall winners:

  • M: Matthew Eidenschink – 03:23:33
  • W: Gretchen Metsa – 04:05:42 – A new Triangle Trail course record!

Historical tallies are now updated. Congratulations to those that hit milestones in 2017. New members of the:

25 Year Club

  • Dick Hogan

20 Year Club

  • Brian Landstrom

10 Year Club

  • Rick Bothwell
  • John Storkamp

5 Year Club

  • Barb Bengtson
  • Haley Bengtson
  • Michael Bunda
  • Mitch Ernst
  • Chad Johnson
  • Kym Kemi
  • Aaron Kennedy
  • Darrell Patterson
  • Molly Pennings
  • Marcus Taintor

1.2 Miles of Tradition

As most of you know, the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon course is composed of one 25 mile leg of the Minnesota Voyageur Ultramarathon, plus an extra 1.2 mile section added in to arrive at its total 26.2 mile full marathon length. Traditionally, in even-numbered years that 1.2 miles runs through the venerable Jarrow’s Beach. “But what does that have to do with this year?”, you ask. It is 2017, after all – not a Beach year. Well, you may not need as much ankle tape and Bactine in your drop bag, for one. But more to the point, this year the race committee decided to return to another tradition – started by Eugene Curnow, himself, 20+ years ago.

The backstory… For the past decade, the odd-numbered years have been making use of a loop around the back side of the Magney-Snively ski trails for the 1.2 mile add-on. However, if you look back into Eugene Curnow (formerly Half-Voyageur) Trail Marathon history, you will note that other add-on options are present, representing their locations – Grand Portage, Elys Peak, Swinging Bridge, Triangle, to name a few. When he was Race Director, Eugene liked to mix things up a bit in the odd-numbered years. This year, the race committee decided to return to that philosophy.

For 2017, we are adding the extra 1.2 miles in the Jay Cooke Triangle Trail area, leveraging the Lower Triangle Trail. This bit lies between the Peterson’s and the Forbay aid stations, after emerging from the Gill Creek Trail. You can see it on our Course Maps page. It has been used once previously for the marathon, way back in 1999.

Because these add-ons differ in difficulty, we do keep separate course records for each. So, for the speedsters out there, the Triangle Trail women’s course record is held by Lee Ann Eastman at 04:15:35, and for the men it is held by Bill Barthen at 03:15:38. But no matter what pace you run, we think you’ll like the rolling, wooded ski trail that makes up this year’s 1.2 mile addition. And we hope you’ll appreciate some of the others that will drop in going forward.

But, hey. Don’t you worry Jarrow’s Beach fans. The Beach will remain steady as the even-numbered year course. So, go ahead and set your calendars for 2018… and 2020… and 2022…

Cloquet Pine Journal: Runners race through the woods…

cloquet-pine-journal-logoThe Cloquet Pine Journal did a nice write-up about the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon we hope you will enjoy. Includes some fun pictures, including a classic of the “ropes course”. Many thanks to Anja Maijala for putting it together.

“It was 6 a.m. Saturday, July 16, and a large crowd of runners was gathered in the parking lot at Lake Superior Zoo, waiting for the start of a 26.2-mile trail marathon. Clouds of breath floated in the 55-degree air. The sun sprinkled through the trees as colorful shoes of spectators and racers trampled the dewcrested grass.” (Credit: Anja Maijala, read more at the link below.)

Link: http://www.pinejournal.com/sports/4079325-runners-race-through-woods-and-hills-carlton

2016 Eugene Curnow Marathon – Race Wrap Up

Hello Curnow Marathon Participants,

Congrats on a successful race on Saturday! Our committee had a lot of fun putting this race on – I hope you had just as much fun participating!

Results are now available on the race website:

And at UltraSignup:

Tone Coughlin’s pictures are now available (two separate albums):

There were 2-3 other photographers on the race course as well. Their albums will be posted on our Facebook page in the coming days.

In your race bags you received a Clif Energy Food pouch. Give it a try and see what you think. If you have any feedback, e-mail us using our Contact Us page, and we will pass your comments on to Clif.

If you have any other feedback in general, we’d be happy to hear it. Every year we compile suggestions from participants and our race committee and decide what to tweak for next year.

Our sweepers reported that the trail was almost spotless. They only found 5 pieces of litter over the entire 26.2 miles, some of which may not have been ours. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you for a great day on Saturday! If you can’t get enough of the course, the Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultra (50 miles) is in two weeks on almost the same route. We would love to see you there either as a participant or volunteer.

Have a relaxing, restful week!

-Kris Glesener and the Curnow Marathon Race Committee

2016 Eugene Curnow Marathon – Race Information Letter

Sent to all participants via e-mail, but just in case you missed it:

Hello Marathoners,

Welcome to the 25th edition of the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon! Let’s get ready to run! I wanted to mention a couple things:

Registration – if you are receiving this e-mail, you are registered! We’re glad to have you join us! If for some reason you will not be participating on Saturday, please respond to this e-mail and let us know. We currently have 370 people registered to run, which is a record for us. For some perspective, last year was a record year for us with 254 participants.

Transportation – as usual, we will provide transportation from the finish line to the starting line BEFORE the race. We are going to board the shuttles in a slightly different location this year. Magnum Trucking in Carlton has kindly offered us the use of their very large parking lot. Information about how to get there can be found here: http://www.curnowmarathon.com/course-information/directions/. We will also have signs posted in Carlton on race day directing you to the parking area.

Shuttles will be leaving Magnum Trucking in Carlton between 4:45am and 5:00am. Do NOT park in the small firefighter parking lot across from the fire hall (those spaces are marked).

Fairmont Park – we do not recommend parking at Fairmont Park (behind the zoo), and we do not provide any shuttles after the race back to the start. If you choose to park in the Fairmont Park lot, please note that you may NOT park in the paved area (that is the zoo’s lot). You may park in the gravel area and the surrounding city streets.

Course – it’s a Jarrow’s Beach year! Life is good at the beach! The hill with the ropes course is back again too. At some point the city is planning on building a sustainable trail to replace the ropes course, but we do not know when that will be.

Litter – Thank you for being extra cautious with litter! Our race is run on public trails, and the condition we leave the course affects the enjoyment of other trail users. All of us made an extra effort to be aware of litter last year, and we were successful! The sweepers reported they found very little litter last year. Thank you so much! Let’s do it again this year! We’ve tried, but we just can’t get that street sweeper up the Powerlines…

Drop Bags – Our drop bag location is Peterson’s aid station. There are about 9 miles left in the race at this point. You will have an opportunity at the starting line to leave a bag with items you would like to access at this location. Many people use drop bags, and many people don’t – it’s up to you if you would like to utilize one. Some people put special food items or spare clothes in theirs. The aid stations will be well-stocked, so you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of hydration or calories, but you may want to use a drop bag if you have something special you want use during the race. We will also provide a drop bag service to bring bags directly to the finish line. For both the Peterson’s and finish line drop bags, you will need to supply your own bag, but we will provide stickers and markers you can use to identify them. One further note – if you choose to use a drop bag, please make it as small as possible. This helps us transport it easily.

Aid Stations – the aid stations will be well-stocked. This year’s energy drink is Powerade. The aid stations will also have water and pop (Coke, Ginger Ale, and Sprite). There will also be many food options, including fruit, cookies, pretzels, chips, etc. The energy gels will be Clif Shots, many of which have caffeine. Please note that we are not providing Hammer’s Endurolytes this year (an electrolyte replacement).

Clif Energy Food – last year we tested out Clif’s Energy Food. Many of you tried it out and gave us feedback, which we passed on to Clif. Clif was very impressed with the detailed feedback you gave, and they would like to do it again this year. They have sent some of the same flavors as last year and some new ones. Some of the aid stations will have Energy Food, and we will have some available after the race for you to try out on your training runs. If you have any feedback about their product (good or bad), please send us an e-mail after the race. Clif is interested to hear what you think.

After the Race – there will be one final aid station at the finish line to help replenish calories and water. There are limited amenities available (no showers), but there is a hose available to help you get most of the mud off. The Streetcar restaurant is just a block from the finish line and will be offering a pasta special again this year.

Results – results will be posted on the race website (http://www.curnowmarathon.com/results/) and UltraSignup after the race. Our web guru, Ron Hendrickson, spent the offseason compiling all our old race results. He has posted the results from each year, along with course records and number of finishes by participant. If you ran our race back in the day, check it out!

Questions – feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions. Also, look for people on race day wearing yellow shirts – they are our race committee members and can help answer any questions you may have.

We are excited to have you join us and are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

-Kris Glesener and the Curnow Race Committee