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Eugene Curnow Marathon – Maps

The Eugene Curnow Marathon is composed of one leg of the Minnesota Voyageur out-and-back course, with an additional 1.2 miles added on to make a full marathon. The Jarrow’s Beach add-on route is run in even numbered years, others in odd. This year, of course, will be an even year. Jarrow’s Beach, it is! Enjoy!

Click on map for full size image:

Entire Course:

Start to Becks Aid Station:

Becks to to Grand Portage Aid Station:

Grand Portage Aid Station to Forbay Aid Station:
Ah, there’s that extra 1.2 miles… added on by circling the full (Lower Triangle) loop around the backside of the Triangle Trail(s).

Forbay Aid Station to Finish (Carlton, Munger Trailhead):

A GPS file (.gpx) for the course route (minus the 1.2 mile add-on) is available on the MN Voyageur web site.