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Eugene Curnow Marathon – Maps

The Eugene Curnow Marathon is composed of one leg of the Minnesota Voyageur out-and-back course, with an additional 1.2 miles added on to make a full marathon. The Jarrow’s Beach add-on route is run in even numbered years, others in odd.

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Entire Course:

Start to Becks Aid Station:

Becks to to Grand Portage Aid Station:

Grand Portage Aid Station to Forbay Aid Station:
Ah, there’s that extra 1.2 miles… added on by circling the full (Lower Triangle) loop around the backside of the Triangle Trail(s).

Forbay Aid Station to Finish (Carlton, Munger Trailhead):

A GPS file (.gpx) for the course route (minus the 1.2 mile add-on) is available on the MN Voyageur web site.