Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon

This page provides historical data from the many years of the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon. Some of these compilations may take a little while after the race to post. For more current and past yearly results, please search on Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon at: UltraSignup or Duluth Timing


The Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon follows one leg of the out-and-back MN Voyageur 50 Mile Ultramarathon route, with a 1.2 mile section added on to extend to marathon length. Results posted here include references to “Course”, which indicates the add-on section used in a given year.
Folks have come from all over to run the Voyageur 50 Mile, and we enjoy having you all! Check it out – HERE!
Feel free to contact us at Contact Us if you would like to have your Finishes By Entrant count results consolidated, e.g. in case of name change due to marriage, misspellings, etc. While we consolidate names to optimize accuracy in the Finishes By Entrant count results, names are left as is in individual finish year results for historical purposes, with the exception of reported misspellings.The previous “Half-Voyageur” title is also maintained on older results for historical reference. All other winner, records and finish count reports refer to the new race name.