IMPORTANT 2024 Course Update

Hello runners, we hope you are excited for the 2024 Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon! We are and cannot wait to see you all! Unfortunately due to the rainy season we have had to make some last minute course changes. There are a couple alterations near the beginning and the end of the course. Here is a link to the current course we will be using.

At the beginning of the Magney ski trail system you will head towards Bardon’s Peak. From there you will connect onto the Superior Hiking Trail and follow that south until you reach Jarrow’s Beach. This will be a bit more singletrack than normal.

Later in the course you will find your final aid station at the Forbay Lake dam. You will not be entering the main Jay Cooke parking lot so we had to move the aid station. After leaving the dam head towards the CCC like normal but you will then head down the White Pine trail. Follow the White Pine trail until it connects back onto the CCC. Continue on the CCC until you reach the Forbay trail, which is a paved trail that will lead you to the Munger Trail. Follow the Munger all the way to the finish.